on fire.

May 15th, 2012 by Ruth

i did a little shopping at the jersey shore premium outlets when i was visiting my family for passover. i know, i know. it was so long ago. anyways, during my excursion, i discovered the greatness of the calvin klein outlet and all it had to offer. i thought i hit the jackpot when i discovered their bright skinny denims there and on sale but then i uncovered this blazer. lately, i’ve had a thing for animal prints. it started with my shoes ( i own three pairs of leopard print ballet flats), and now it’s spreading north. behold, the worn linen animal print-inspired calvin klein blazer and ¬†for only $40?! anyways, it goes without saying, i stocked up on j.crew essentials (i’ll get into that later) but my new love is the calvin klein outlet. i know, don’t judge.

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2 Responses to “on fire.”

  1. Samantha Black says:

    That’s my company! I’ll send you friends and family deals =)

  2. Ruth says:

    What is your company???

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